Fun and Engaging Tummy Time Activities for Your Little One

As your little one grows, tummy time becomes an essential activity to help strengthen their muscles and develop important motor skills. However, keeping your baby engaged and entertained during tummy time can sometimes be a challenge. To help make this time more enjoyable for both you and your baby, we have put together a list of fun and engaging tummy time activities that you can incorporate into your daily routine.

1. Use colorful and textured toys

Place a variety of colorful and textured toys in front of your baby during tummy time. This will not only grab their attention but also encourage them to reach and grab, which helps build their fine motor skills.

2. Sing and talk to your baby

Babies love hearing their parents’ voices. Singing and talking to your baby during tummy time not only provides them with comfort but also helps in their language development.

3. Mirror play

Place a safe, baby-friendly mirror in front of your little one during tummy time. Babies love looking at faces, and seeing themselves in the mirror can be a fascinating experience for them.

4. Use a baby gym or play mat

A baby gym or play mat with hanging toys can keep your baby entertained during tummy time. The dangling toys will encourage them to reach and grab, promoting the development of their hand-eye coordination.

5. Go outside

If the weather allows, take tummy time outside. The change of scenery and natural light can be stimulating for your baby. Just be sure to choose a safe and clean area for them to play.

6. Tummy-to-tummy time with caregiver

Lay your baby on your chest during tummy time. This skin-to-skin contact not only promotes bonding but also provides them with a sense of security and comfort.

7. Incorporate a baby-safe mirror

Placing a baby-safe mirror in front of your baby during tummy time can engage them and provide a new perspective to explore. It can also encourage them to lift their head and work on their neck muscles.

8. Interactive books

Introduce interactive books with different textures, flaps, and sounds during tummy time. This will not only capture your baby’s interest but also support their cognitive development.

9. Dance and movement

Gently move and sway to music while holding your baby during tummy time. This can be a fun way to encourage them to lift their head and work on their balance.

10. Prop them up with a nursing pillow

Using a nursing pillow or a specially designed tummy time pillow can help prop your baby up, making it easier for them to lift their head and engage with their surroundings.


Tummy time doesn’t have to be a boring or frustrating experience. By incorporating these fun and engaging activities, you can make tummy time an enjoyable and beneficial part of your baby’s daily routine. Remember to always supervise your baby during tummy time and make sure they are comfortable and safe.


Q: How long should tummy time be for my baby?

A: Start with a few minutes at a time, a few times a day, and gradually work up to 15-20 minutes, 2-3 times a day. Every baby is different, so pay attention to your little one’s cues and comfort level.

Q: What if my baby doesn’t like tummy time?

A: It’s common for babies to initially resist tummy time. Try incorporating some of the fun activities mentioned in this article to make it more enjoyable for them. If your baby continues to show discomfort, consult with your pediatrician.

Q: Is tummy time really necessary?

A: Yes, tummy time is important for babies’ physical development. It helps strengthen their neck, shoulder, and arm muscles, and reduces the risk of flat spots on their head. It also prepares them for crawling and other motor milestones.